Wesleyan Kids: Lightbulb Moment # 1 (Wrap Up)

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Each week I am going to post a Lightbulb Moment for you to contemplate. These are often insights from my own children’s ministry that I wish I had thought about earlier.
Wrap Up
How do you know that the children have learnt the lessons that you have been trying to teach them?
One form of revision that has worked well for me is having a Celebration Day at the end of the term that relooks at the theme through fun and games. When we had been studying the life of Moses we set up 10 activities to remind the children about the ten plagues. They had to race through the plagues. Examples of activities were …
Flick a plastic frog across a line.
Get the fly ( black jelly bean) out of jelly
Nerf gun shooting the plastic animals
Burst a boil ( balloon with cream)
Knock six ten pin bowling pins over with a block of ice.
Find the locusts in a ball pit blind folded.
It was amazing how much the children remembered after these activities.