Wesleyan Kids: Light Bulb Moment #4 (The Leaders Spirituality)

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One of the challenges for many Sunday School teachers is that they miss out on the feeding provided by the sermon so that they can teach the children. Not a problem you think – I know what the Bible says anyway. But I want you to picture it like a bucket of water. Each week I take a cup of water out of the bucket to water the spiritual lives of the children. At first, I don’t see the level of water going down in my bucket until one day I start to feel spiritually dry myself because I have given out so much without receiving anything back.
It is vitally important for all leaders to spend time seeking God so that they are continually infilled. This includes their own personal devotions but I would also encourage you to get hold of the sermon from the main church service. Many churches tape their sermons – make the time to sit and listen to it. If not ask your pastor if you can get a copy of his / her notes.
The added benefit of this is that it will help you keep connected to the wider workings of your local church.