What is the Stream?

The Stream is an annual Theological Symposium which explores Wesleyan Theological perspectives on current issues in the church and society.

Beginning in 2009, the Stream has welcomed a range of internationally renown scholars over the years including: Rev Dr Ben Witherington, Rev Dr Glen O'Brien, Dr Joel Green, Rev Dr Abson Joseph, Rev Dr Ma’afu’otu’itonga Palu, Rev Dr Kimberly Reisman, Rev Rex Rigby, Dr Steve Lennox.


The Stream 2021 - Online Conference

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This year's conference will be online only with reknown biblical scholar Dr Ben Witherington connecting with us live from the United States.

August 22   9:00 am - 2:15 pm (NZST)

Cost: $20 (per person)

(Registrations close 12 pm Friday 21 August)

Watch this video for a special invitation to the Stream 2020.

Our Speaker


Dr. Lennox, an ordained minister of The Wesleyan Church, served ten years in pastoral ministry. During that time, his love for the Bible grew into a burning passion to study and teach it.

For twenty-two years, Dr. Lennox served with distinction at Indiana Wesleyan University in several roles, including Division Chair of the School of Theology and Ministry, Director of the graduate ministry program, Dean of the Chapel, and Honours Professor of Bible and Humanities. The recognized scholar holds four degrees: the Ph.D. and M.Phil. from Drew University, the M. Div. from Evangelical Theological Seminary, and a B.A. from Houghton College.

A Christian statesman and prolific writer, Dr. Lennox has authored six books on the Old Testament including commentaries on Psalms, Proverbs, and Joshua, as well as an introduction to the Old Testament, God’s Story Revealed. He has led educational tours for students in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in addition to participating in excavations at Tel Dor in Israel.

Dr. Lennox strongly supports cross-cultural education and has taught courses in Russia, Jamaica, Zambia, and Mozambique. He and his wife, Eileen, have two children and two grandchildren. Dr. Lennox speaks frequently at local churches, camps, and conferences.

Our Programme


Viewing Hubs

Do you enjoy the opportunity to talk through ideas with others? Why not consider accessing the conference from one of our viewing hubs.

If you would like to attend the Stream at one of our hubs around New Zealand you'll still need to register for the conference using the registration link above. Then register at the viewing hub you wish to attend by sending an RSVP from one of the links below.

NB: All of our viewing hubs have limitations on the number of attendees they can have onsite. Please ensure you Contact/RSVP the venue you wish to attend to ensure that there is space to accommodate you.

Becoming a Viewing Hub

While we are not able to gather together in the usual way, we are inviting churches and groups to consider becoming a viewing hub to allow groups - both small and large - to view and participate in the conference together. 

An important part of the Stream experience is being able to talk through ideas with other people. Part of the Stream programme will involve breaking into discussion groups to talk about the session. For online-only participants, this will happen in 'breakout groups' online. Viewing hubs will have the opportunity to use this time for an in-person discussion.

While online discussion groups will be valuable, and we are grateful for the technology to be able to achieve them, nothing beats the connection that occurs when we are able to be present together in the same room.

Another way we often connect at conferences is over the sharing of food. We'd like to encourage all viewing hub venues to consider providing food in some way for all those attending. Whether you have a fully catered lunch or order in a pizza, sharing food together is a great way to connect.

WMCNZ will provide up to 50% of the conference registration fee/person (ie: up to $10/person attending at your venue) to all venues who provide food for attendees to cover catering costs.

Viewing Hub Requirements

Becoming a viewing hub is easy. All you need is:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A laptop or device you can use to access the Livestream
  • The ability to cast or project from your device to a TV or projection screen
  • A screen large enough to be viewed by the number of people attending your hub (eg: 3-4 people gathering in someone's home will need a TV screen large enough to be viewed by all those attending. 50+ people would need a projection screen.)

Any other materials you might need on the day will be distributed to the viewing hub organiser/contact person.

Registering as a hub is easy. Just click on the link below and fill out a registration form.