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Our annual national magazine aims to inspire, inform and encourage those who call themselves Wesleyan as they reach out to their communities with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

The WesleyaNZ Vine is published mid-year.

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Renew Your Wesleyan DNA


Are you one of millions of Christians who belong to a Methodist or Wesleyan Church?

Do you want to be better informed about John Wesley and Wesleyan Theology?

Want to know more about the church to which you belong?

Need renewed encouragement for mission?

This book is for you!



Looking for new resources to deepen your discipleship?

The WMCNZ bookshop is now open for online orders. We are currenly able to supply orders for Rev Dr Richard Waugh's, 'Renew your Wesleyan DNA' & Kimberly Reisman's 'Embrace: Showing & Sharing the Love of Jesus.'

Renew Your Wesleyan DNA   $10.00 
Bulk discount prices available 
10+ Books $8.00 each
20+ Books $7.00 each

Embrace: Showing and Sharing the Love of Jesus $25.00
Bulk discount prices available.
5+ books $20.00 each
10+ books $15.00 each

*These prices do not include postage. See order form for details.

To purchase these fantastic resources click on the link below.