Wesleyan Kids: Lightbulb Moment #5 (Making Revision Fun)

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A quick and fun way to revise last week’s lesson is to play a game of noughts and crosses. Divide the children into two teams. One team are crosses and the other team are noughts. You could just have the teams draw their symbols on a blackboard/whiteboard/paper but I like to have laminated symbols to actually hand to each team. The teams take turns to answer a question about last week’s lesson. If they are correct they get a symbol to place on the board. Then the normal rules of noughts and crosses apply.

Wesleyan Kids: Light Bulb Moment #4 (The Leaders Spirituality)

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One of the challenges for many Sunday School teachers is that they miss out on the feeding provided by the sermon so that they can teach the children. Not a problem you think – I know what the Bible says anyway. But I want you to picture it like a bucket of water. Each week I take a cup of water out of the bucket to water the spiritual lives of the children. At first, I don’t see the level of water going down in my bucket until one day I start to feel spiritually dry myself because I have … Read More

National Superintendent Update – Government Apology for Dawn Raids

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Today the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made a formal apology on behalf of the Government for the 1970’s “Dawn Raids” conducted as part of a policy of immigration enforcement.  The government has acknowledged these raids were disproportionately targeted to immigrants from the Pacific and that the tactics employed were routinely severe and often demeaning. This was an exceedingly difficult time for our Pacific peoples and today’s apology will no doubt have raised a range of conflicting emotions.  Some will have found a level of closure through the announcement; others may have relived memories they would prefer to forget; many will live … Read More

Wesleyans In New Roles

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As Wesleyan Methodists, it’s in our DNA to be involved in the wider community and ecumenical scene.  We’re celebrating recent opportunities for 3 of our number. Brett Jones – Secretary, National Church Leaders of Aotearoa-New Zealand (NCLANZ) Rev Brett Jones was recently elected as Secretary to the National Church Leaders of Aotearoa-New Zealand for a 2 year term.  In recent years the NCLANZ membership has grown to 22 churches and encompasses most of the Churches in New Zealand, including Roman Catholic, Anglican, Wesleyan Methodist and the wider Evangelical and Pentecostal family of churches. Rev Dr Richard Waugh previously served as Chairperson until 2020.  National Church … Read More

Thinking Biblically About Wellbeing

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The past 18 months have placed an extraordinary amount of stress on New Zealanders as we have navigated unexpected change, financial pressure, social isolation, anxiety and in some cases the illness and death of loved ones. The issue of personal and community wellbeing has been brought to the fore in a fresh and compelling way. How might the scriptures guide us towards taking steps towards our own wellbeing? As a Wesleyan movement, we have embraced the concept of a “consistent life ethic” in how we approach our living and are oriented toward those things that enable life to flourish towards … Read More

Wesleyan Kids: Lightbulb Moment #3 (Setting Expectations)

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Does this sound familiar? One Sunday Joan is teaching her Sunday School class. She is very laissez-faire with her expectations. The children can wander around and talk during the lesson and don’t need to ask permission to use the bathroom. The following Sunday, Ron comes in to teach the same class. He becomes very frustrated because the children do not sit and listen. The children can not understand why they are in trouble. What is the problem? Some could say that it is because you have different volunteers teaching the same class but that isn’t the issue. The problem is … Read More

Wesleyan Kids: Lightbulb Moment # 2 (Multi Age Sunday School Classes)

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Multi Age Sunday School Classes Small churches regularly have one or maybe two Sunday School classes that provide for a wide range of students. While this has its challenges it can also provide leadership opportunities for the older children. Here are some tips to help you manage the classroom. 1) use the older children to help mentor the younger ones. They can help teach the actions to songs / buddy up with a younger child and be the scribe for an activity/ read the Bible passage / help with craft 2) make sure that some part of each lesson is … Read More

Crossings Stories: Fresh Catch

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This week’s Crossings story is from Rev Brett Jones – National Superintendent & Minister of cession|community. When Andrew came to see me in my office before Church, it came to me: he was lonely. A young adult school leaver, whose parents had escaped to Australia and a new job opportunity right before lockdown, he was suddenly thrust into doing life on his own. Lockdown hadn’t helped and his flatting situation was not filling the gap. Before he left church that night he came back to see me. “You were right,” he said, “I am lonely but I didn’t realise it.” … Read More

Wesleyan Kids: Lightbulb Moment # 1 (Wrap Up)

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Each week I am going to post a Lightbulb Moment for you to contemplate. These are often insights from my own children’s ministry that I wish I had thought about earlier. Wrap Up How do you know that the children have learnt the lessons that you have been trying to teach them? One form of revision that has worked well for me is having a Celebration Day at the end of the term that relooks at the theme through fun and games. When we had been studying the life of Moses we set up 10 activities to remind the children … Read More

Crossings: Knowing Our Identity

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Cession Community celebrated 5 baptisms this past Sunday! The church was overflowing with family and friends who attended in support. The service marked an encouraging milestone for the church’s children’s ministry, with all 5 candidates being active participants in Cultivate Kids.  Pastor Brett Jones commented, “The service was so encouraging for our church community seeing our children owning their faith in such a personal and public way.  It was a real tribute to the discipling that has happened in the home and through the ministry of our Children’s Ministry, Cultivate Kids.”   A large number of friends and family were present … Read More