Navigating Life and Ministry in the Midst of Pandemic

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Navigating life and ministry amidst a global pandemic is a challenging task. As we continue walking with our communities through this season of constant change we find ourselves faced with new challenges almost daily. It can be overwhelming sifting through the constant stream of information.

To help you find your way through the noise, we’ve put together this index of resources & articles which we’ll continue to update.

(Last updated 16/11/21 – 8:30 am)

Sharing the Gospel in Times of Crisis

The Elephant in the Room – cession|community reflections on being the church

Why Christians Should Avoid Alarmism (and what to do instead)

Red-orange-green light: a pastor, a church and unity in Christ

Panel Discussion: Rev Lyndon Drake & Friends

Dr James Ussher and Dr Gareth Jones (Dunedin City Baptist Church), Understanding Covid Vaccination from a Science and Christian Perspective: DCBC Covid-19 Vaccine Info.pdf

Addressing questions about COVID-19 and vaccinationHelen Petousis-Harris.pdf

National Superintendent: Pastoral Letter on Vaccination

Vaccination: An Open Letter – Rev Dr Richard Waugh

Loving My Neighbour: Rev Jone Kacivi

Rev Frank Ritchie, I’m a Rev. and have vocally supported the vaccine: Here’s why: 

Covid-19 and the Mark of the Beast

Your unvaccinated friend is roughly 20 times more likely to give you COVID

Ashley Bloomfield on Faith and Anxiety in An Age of Pandemic

A.J. Hendry, “I was anti-vax, now I’m double jabbed, here’s why…”:

Dr John Kleinsman and Rev Dr Graham O’Brien, COVID-19 vaccines and their link with abortion – a Christian moral perspective, 

Ken Keyte, Cross-shaped unity for church through the COVID-19 Protection Framework, 

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