The Wesley Ministry Institute (WMI) is the ministry formation and preparation college of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of  Aotearoa - New Zealand (WMCANZ).  

WMI is part of the pathway to meet the ministry formation and preparation requirements for ordination in the WMCANZ. WMI also provides training for lay ministry, professional development and spiritual formation opportunities for ministers.

We welcome those from beyond the WMCANZ community who are looking for high calibre programmes of study that are contextualised for New Zealand and the South Pacific Region, and which will prepare them for Christian ministry in an environment that is increasingly multi-cultural, demanding and complex.

Ministry in the Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand

At its most basic, the term ministry simply means service. A minister is a servant of God, equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve others. In accordance with the scriptures, we believe that all those who are followers of Christ are equipped by God as ministers. We also believe that God calls some into a special, sacrificial ministry.

We recognise this special sacrificial ministry through different ministry categories and training pathways.


There are two main orders of ministry within WMCANZ, Ordained Ministry and Commissioned Ministry.

Commissioned Ministers are engaged in effective and recognised ministry of a seasonal or particular nature. They are covenanted to engage in ministry within a specified context for a period or season which may vary in duration.

Ordained Ministers are people with an abiding call to ministry who have been trained and set apart for life long ministerial service by the church.

Both Ordained & Commissioned Ministers are required to complete a pastoral ministry training programme prior to their ordination or commissioning. This programme begins with a one year programme as a recognised Ministry Student. 

Ministry students who are accepted for training toward ordained ministry are then required to complete a further two year programme as a Licensed Minister.

Further training requirements for Commissioned ministers are determined by their particular ministry context.


Applications for 2024

Applications for 2024 are now open. Ministry Student applications close 31 January 2024.