Digging Deep: Cultivating Wellbeing

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This week marks the end of our first week at level 3 and more than 40 days of Aotearoa’s nationwide lockdown. While it’s good to celebrate our progress through the levels, this week also holds a significant emotional toll for many:
(a) those returning to work in new and unusual circumstances;
(b) those staying at home stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’ – for some they may have had different expectations of Level 3
(c) Essential workers are carrying a heavy load
(d) Many parents are feeling the stretch of supervising education at home while often having to manage their own at-home work
Even as we experience greater freedom and expand our bubbles, cultivating wellbeing for ourselves and our communities remains an essential part of our pastoral work.
Richard Black, a counsellor, communicator and founder of ‘Strength to Strength’ has made this helpful video for church leaders ‘Four Lessons from Lockdown.’ We highly recommend you take a moment to watch it.

Church Leaders – 4 Lessons from Lockdown

Church Leaders – 4 Lessons from LockdownI have worked with leaders and churches facing crises of different descriptions. Here are 4 lessons from what I have seen that I hope will help you.

Posted by Strength to Strength on Thursday, April 16, 2020

*Reaching out for additional supervision and support in this season is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. If you need some help processing the emotions, questions and burdens you are carrying we encourage to reach out to our pastoral support and supervision team led by Rev Ruth Boswell.

To make an enquiry by email: support@wesleyan.nz