Cyclone Gabrielle

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Most of New Zealand was hoping for a very different start to our year. What started as a below average Summer soon became something far more tragic as floods gave way to a cyclone and with it the loss of homes, possessions and precious family members. Thanks to the generosity of Wesleyan Methodist churches and our people, we’ve managed to raise nearly $30,000 to assist with emergency relief as well as longer term support,

The most urgent needs came in the wake of the cyclone. We were able to move quickly to help our Napier and Gisborne churches in a range of ways – together we:

  • Funded a generator which powered freezers (to supply meals), community charging stations, emergency accommodation, internet access and even a worship service
  • Provided food security in the immediate aftermath of the weather event from church premises as well as provide food packs particularly for those less able to access Government relief as food supplies were exhausted.
  • Our Gisborne church alone provided over 100 meal packs including beef and mutton that was purchased direct from the farmer and butchered by the church! These families would have been without meat but for this initiative.
  • Supporting school communities through provision of morning teas
  • Meeting immediate needs of families who have suffered specific losses that required immediate support
  • Supporting ministerial families where required

Our churches on the east coast of the North Island and across Auckland have worked tirelessly to support schools, the work of other agencies including the Red Cross and Salvation Army, neighbours in difficulty along with pastoral support and prayer. In some cases, the impact of water damage on church musical and electronic equipment is still being assessed.

Currently we are working with our churches to assess medium to long term needs that they are seeing in their communities. Your generosity in resources and prayer is deeply appreciated.