Crossings: Taking The Plunge

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What better way to experience the JOY of Advent but through participating in the joy of baptism as four of our young people took the step of witnessing to their Christian faith by being baptised on 20 December 2020 at Redoubt North Wesleyan.

Senior Minister Rev Peter Benzie recalls the journey,

“What a joy it was to be able to baptise these 4 young people who have grown up in our church. I am reminded how young they were when they first came to our church – 2 hadn’t even started school. What a joy it has been to watch them grow, to watch their faith grow and to have a part to play in that growth.”

The hand of God is evident on each of these four young people who are actively using their gifts for God’s glory through his church. We look forward to seeing how God strengthens and develops those gifts as he continues to transform their lives.

        Rev. Peter Benzie – Redoubt North Wesleyan Church