Crossings Stories: Slipper Fun

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This week’s Crossings Story is from Rev Yvonne Fisk. Rev Yvonne serves as a chaplain in an aged care facility.

At the Rest Home where I work one of our Residents has bad ulcers on her legs and feet and consequently oedema which is fluid swelling in her legs. The only slippers her family could buy were large men’s black ones with a velcro strap. She told me she was very unhappy with the new purchase as they look like men’s slippers, which they were.

I found some daisies about the size of a 50c cent coin and sewed three different colours on each slipper. She was so delighted and went around showing the other residents. It was a little task that did not take me long and gave her such pleasure. The big surprise was she came to church the following week and has been coming most weeks since. I’m fairly sure she was not a church person in her younger days.

What stood out for me was the small task of sewing daisies on her slippers became the catalyst for her to be brave enough to cross over from a denier and to come to church. I have asked her many other times and she has always said NO, it’s not for me. The little effort I made for her so she could like her slippers has responded in her now joining us at service and at Bible Reading time in the afternoon. Little seeds!!!!