Crossings: Steps of Faith

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This week’s Crossings story is from Rev Mike Yates – Assistant National Superintendent Church Development & Minister of Shore Grace Wesleyan.

April 4th was a special Sunday at Shore Grace, not only because of resurrection Sunday but because we celebrated with someone new to the faith making a crossing to get baptised. That’s a tribute to the Lord who does ‘add to our number those that are being saved.’

We baptised Izzy, who didn’t come to us and to the Lord, through one of our community outreaches. It was through our online presence as basic as our church website. Her Mum responded to our tab on the site inviting people to share a prayer. She shared that her young daughter was keen to know more about faith. ‘Is your church based on Christianity?’ she asked. Online Izzy had been searching and found material about end times and other subjects. This had triggered interest.

We invited her Mum to bring her teenage daughter along to Shore Grace. Mum is really happy and supportive that her daughter was showing an interest in God. In January they came along to church and have been attending since, enjoying the faith journey and community.

Izzy was soon keen to be baptised, which was easily arranged at the Thomson’s pool with church people. Izzy’s Mum, grandparents and uncle were in attendance. We heard Izzy’s testimony, that amongst other things it was through Tik Tok that her interest in Christianity was triggered! Mum is on her own journey, having had a Catholic connection as a child, and is still searching in terms of her spiritual journey.

It’s a blessing to see a young family making these early steps of crossing toward life in Jesus!




Rev. Mike Yates – Shore Grace Church