"Equipping and empowering leaders to grow healthy churches that impact their communities  through local, national and global mission."


WMCNZ is committed to equipping and empowering its ministers and lay leaders through consultancy with local churches, developing leaders, and planting churches.


Our team of local church consultants are available to work with Ministers and Servant Leaders at all levels of strategy:

  • Development of Vision, Mission & Values for local church settings

  • Formulation of Strategic Plan to guide local church development & growth

  • Focus on core ministry strategies eg. Evangelism, Youth, Children, Worship, Younger Adults, Discipleship

You can also sign up your church for the Missional Effectiveness Strategy (MES). Churches are invited to participate in consultancy opportunities aimed at producing local context responses to the following missional imperatives:

1. Call Leadership to Missional Living

2. Engage the Community

3. Develop A Culture of Mission

4. Empower Missional Disciples

5. Facilitate a Posture of Prayer

We believe this qualitative approach to local church health will provide the environment and missional intentionality for local churches to flourish.

For more information about church consultancy contact:

Rev Mike Yates (Assistant National Superintendent - Church Development)


We view leadership development for the local church as a holistic journey of heart, head and hands:


The Gathering - a leadership discipleship event that is run across the northern, central and southern regions in the middle of the year

The Stream - a theology conference run for pastors and leaders in August


 EQUIP - a leadership and ministry skills training event run in November as part of the annual Connexion

In addition Ministers meet in regional and area clusters for mutual support, leadership development and communication.

The EMERGE leadership development retreat (established in 2014) is an important time for emerging leaders.

We are also available to source specific training opportunities for local churches in any leadership discipline or ministry skill area that you desire.  

Useful Assessment Tools

For more information about leadership development opportunities contact:

Rev Mike Yates (Assistant National Superintendent - Church Development)


Why Church Planting?

There are at least 3.5 million Kiwis who have no regular ongoing relationship with a local church expression of the Body of Christ. Church Planting continues to be the most effective way to:

  • Reach people with the gospel
  • Reconnect people of faith to dynamic expressions of Christian faith
  • Create unique opportunities for unreached people groups to find Christ through fresh expressions of church

In the New Zealand context the innovation of multicultural churches reaching unchurched kiwis from Māori, European, Pacific and Asian backgrounds will only be achieved by church planting.


The Strategy

Our church planting strategy includes the following steps:

ENVISION - regional vision events and specialised local church events for churches seeking to parent a new church

RECRUIT - identification and assessment of Church Planters through our 13 characteristic assessment process - you can take a FREE test here as an initial step to explore your suitability for church planting (don't forget to email us the results!)

TRAIN - Training for lead church planters and church planting teams

COACH - personal coaching throughout the preparation and launch phases

PREPARATION - assisting lead church planters and church planting teams to prepare for a successful church plant

LAUNCH - resourcing church plant launches

Useful Tools & Resources

For more information about church planting contact:

Rev Mike Yates (Assistant National Superintendent - Church Development)