Thinking Biblically About Wellbeing

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The past 18 months have placed an extraordinary amount of stress on New Zealanders as we have navigated unexpected change, financial pressure, social isolation, anxiety and in some cases the illness and death of loved ones. The issue of personal and community wellbeing has been brought to the fore in a fresh and compelling way. How might the scriptures guide us towards taking steps towards our own wellbeing? As a Wesleyan movement, we have embraced the concept of a “consistent life ethic” in how we approach our living and are oriented toward those things that enable life to flourish towards … Read More

The Art of Decompression

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Guest Post: Aaron Ironside from AI Counselling & Coaching After who knows how many days (I stopped counting ages ago), we have made it to Level 2. Coffees are back, catching up with friends and family is back……and work is back.   Oh well, it can’t all be good news!     It may not feel like it, but Lockdown has probably taken a lot of emotional energy from your tank. It’s tempting to think that going back to work will help us finally feel normal again. And it will……..eventually.   Many of us will find the shift to level 2 … Read More

Digging Deep: Cultivating Wellbeing

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This week marks the end of our first week at level 3 and more than 40 days of Aotearoa’s nationwide lockdown. While it’s good to celebrate our progress through the levels, this week also holds a significant emotional toll for many:   (a) those returning to work in new and unusual circumstances;   (b) those staying at home stuck in ‘Groundhog Day’ – for some they may have had different expectations of Level 3   (c) Essential workers are carrying a heavy load (d) Many parents are feeling the stretch of supervising education at home while often having to manage … Read More

Coping with Transition: A Conversation with Richelle Webb

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The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic have been far-reaching, forcing people across the globe into sudden and dramatic changes in the way they live. Everything from our work, how we access healthcare, how we shop and consume food, how we learn and experience education, to how we interact with our friends and family has been altered.   How do we cope with change when it is suddenly thrust upon us?   Rev Rob Reynolds, Wesleyan minister and Director of SIM New Zealand spoke with Richelle Webb, partner with cession|community and Wesleyan missionary serving through SIM, about how some of … Read More

Caring for the Self in the Midst of a Crisis

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As ministers and leaders, when we find ourselves in the midst of a crisis, our first instinct is to ensure all those around us are being cared for and supported. But in order to sustain ourselves as we provide for others, we need to keep filling our own wells and look after our own spiritual, mental and emotional health.   Ministry leader, Nurse, Counsellor and Psychotherapist Michelle Yates (Shore Grace Wesleyan) has collated some resources for Pastor’s and Ministry leaders to help support them in maintaining good mental health for themselves and those they minister to during this season of … Read More