Crossings Stories: Made New

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This week’s Crossings Story is from cession|community. cession|community is a Wesleyan Church based in the eastern suburbs of Tāmaki Makaurau – Auckland. cession|community held a baptism service on 18 July at which 4 people were baptised – one adult, a teenager and 2 children.  It was a great night of celebration and a full house with friends and family supporting those being baptised. Pastor Brett Jones commented on the age range as being a particular highlight with the younger children finding faith through a combination of intentional home life and the ministry of Cultivate Kids.  A teenager owning her own … Read More

Crossings Stories: Slipper Fun

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This week’s Crossings Story is from Rev Yvonne Fisk. Rev Yvonne serves as a chaplain in an aged care facility. At the Rest Home where I work one of our Residents has bad ulcers on her legs and feet and consequently oedema which is fluid swelling in her legs. The only slippers her family could buy were large men’s black ones with a velcro strap. She told me she was very unhappy with the new purchase as they look like men’s slippers, which they were. I found some daisies about the size of a 50c cent coin and sewed three … Read More

Crossings Stories: Fresh Catch

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This week’s Crossings story is from Rev Brett Jones – National Superintendent & Minister of cession|community. When Andrew came to see me in my office before Church, it came to me: he was lonely. A young adult school leaver, whose parents had escaped to Australia and a new job opportunity right before lockdown, he was suddenly thrust into doing life on his own. Lockdown hadn’t helped and his flatting situation was not filling the gap. Before he left church that night he came back to see me. “You were right,” he said, “I am lonely but I didn’t realise it.” … Read More

Crossings: Knowing Our Identity

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Cession Community celebrated 5 baptisms this past Sunday! The church was overflowing with family and friends who attended in support. The service marked an encouraging milestone for the church’s children’s ministry, with all 5 candidates being active participants in Cultivate Kids.  Pastor Brett Jones commented, “The service was so encouraging for our church community seeing our children owning their faith in such a personal and public way.  It was a real tribute to the discipling that has happened in the home and through the ministry of our Children’s Ministry, Cultivate Kids.”   A large number of friends and family were present … Read More

Crossings: Steps of Faith

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This week’s Crossings story is from Rev Mike Yates – Assistant National Superintendent Church Development & Minister of Shore Grace Wesleyan. April 4th was a special Sunday at Shore Grace, not only because of resurrection Sunday but because we celebrated with someone new to the faith making a crossing to get baptised. That’s a tribute to the Lord who does ‘add to our number those that are being saved.’ We baptised Izzy, who didn’t come to us and to the Lord, through one of our community outreaches. It was through our online presence as basic as our church website. Her … Read More

Crossings: Taking The Plunge

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What better way to experience the JOY of Advent but through participating in the joy of baptism as four of our young people took the step of witnessing to their Christian faith by being baptised on 20 December 2020 at Redoubt North Wesleyan. Senior Minister Rev Peter Benzie recalls the journey, “What a joy it was to be able to baptise these 4 young people who have grown up in our church. I am reminded how young they were when they first came to our church – 2 hadn’t even started school. What a joy it has been to watch … Read More

Crossing Into New Life

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Five Rangatahi from Redhill, Papakura are drawing closer to Jesus at a Wednesday after-school youth group held at Papakura Wesleyan Church. These students have consistently been part of the youth group for just over a year, even amidst the ups and downs of 2020. It has been a humbling experience to see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives and in the lives of their whanau. At our final youth group meeting in 2020, all five students expressed a commitment to Christ on some level! One the more silent youth wrote in the survey, ‘I will learn to love … Read More