Crossings Stories: Slipper Fun

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This week’s Crossings Story is from Rev Yvonne Fisk. Rev Yvonne serves as a chaplain in an aged care facility. At the Rest Home where I work one of our Residents has bad ulcers on her legs and feet and consequently oedema which is fluid swelling in her legs. The only slippers her family could buy were large men’s black ones with a velcro strap. She told me she was very unhappy with the new purchase as they look like men’s slippers, which they were. I found some daisies about the size of a 50c cent coin and sewed three … Read More

Chaplaincy: An Essential Service

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The Wesleyan Methodist Church has a number of chaplains working in hospitals, mental health facilities, rest homes and within the media sector. Some are continuing to offer face-to-face services; others are working remotely. We asked Rev. Yvonne Fisk to share about her experiences in the current season – demand is on the increase and Rev Yvonne is running 5-6 services per week!   I became a Chaplain two months ago at a Christian based Rest Home and Hospital in Auckland. Since my childhood, I have had a great affinity for working with our elderly or Seniors(!) as some people prefer … Read More

Ministering to the Media: Rev Frank Ritchie

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The relationship between the Church and news media is often fraught with tension and misunderstanding. It’s a relationship that Rev Frank Ritchie from Commoners Wesleyan Community is seeking to reshape through his work as a chaplain with Media Chaplaincy NZ.   Frank is no stranger to the work of news media, having worked in radio broadcasting in New Zealand for many years. His insight into the demands of the industry and his skill in communicating have allowed Frank to fuse his passions for both media and ministry in a unique way, allowing him to come alongside media professionals to offer … Read More