Appointments of National Officers & Council Members at ConneXion 2020

WMCNZ AdministratorNews

At this year’s ConneXion, the WMCNZ National Conference elected the following people to serve as National Officers and National Council Members.

Announcing the appointment of the following National Officers:

Reverend Brett Jones was appointed National Superintendent (2 Year Term)

Reverend  Michael Yates was appointed Assistant National Superintendent Church Development (4 Year Term)

Reverend Peter Benzie was appointed National Secretary (4 Year Term)

The status of National Superintendent Emeritus was conferred on Reverend Dr Richard Waugh


The following people were elected to serve on National Council (2 Year Term):

Reverend Frank Ritchie

Reverend Dr Clint Ussher

Reverend Semisi Kailahi

Reverend Joanne McKinnell

Reverend Jone Kacivi